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We are different.

We care.

We deliver, going above and beyond.

We are obsessed with excellence.

We are bespoke and it's personal.

Welcome to the StarWing family.

“ With long experience in the industry, and plenty
of choice, I chose StarWing - simply they are a cut above.
Even though my playing career has ended the team at
StarWing has built a strategic management plan that
leverages my status in the game and has delivered
media and brand relationships that have exceeded
expectations. I am proud they represent me.”
- Chris Evert
“ StarWing provide a stellar day to day
management service as well as maximizing
my commercial value in the market place.
I have worked with the team behind
StarWing for many years and I wouldn’t
want to be managed by anyone else.”
Stan Wawrinka
“ My playing career has ended more than a
decade ago, but I still enjoy being in tennis and
doing various things. The relationships
StarWing has opened up for me are an
amazing opportunity for me to enjoy my time
in the tennis world even more.”
Goran Ivanisevic
“ What I like about StarWing is their professionalism
and their constant care for my career. Whether
it's building my sponsorship family, putting the
right team around me or helping me in my
daily needs, they deliver and make me feel safe
and confident.”
Maria Sakkari
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